Our Events

Sara Picken-Brown has been creating wellbeing experiences for health and fitness enthusiasts for over a decade. From the hard-core fitness teams that travelled to USA to participate in the gruelling SealFit events to Yoga Retreats in Bali and Europe. More recently Sara Picken-Brown Consulting has launched an online festival for Wellnergy bringing over 40 experts together for the 9 hour online event and Programming & Curating the Wellnergy 2-Day Festival in Oxfordshire.

We work with private individuals for Wellbeing Functions to remember like Hens Events as well as larger Corporate Organisation staff wellness programs and ‘Lunch & Learn’ events. We are currently focused on media and Pr companies creating fitness and wellbeing content for influencers, brands and corporate organisations in a movement specialist consulting capacity bridging the gap between technicians and talent to bring a seamless product in creative collaboration together.

What We Do

  • Trusted Network of Talent: We bring a network of local and international wellbeing experts to your event; Presenters in Nutrition, Yoga, Fitness, Leadership & Mindset, Pro-Athletes all with a proven track record in work ethic.
  • Media Consulting Service: Our consulting service on your next media project (still or moving camera) bridges the gap between the talent and the camera crew so no shot set up is wasted and time used effectively. With experience in both theatre and visual arts, we understand the unique needs and challenges from both sides of the camera to ensure your project is a success, on time and on budget.
  • Executive Director & Event Programming Service: Planning an ‘online’ or ‘physical’ wellbeing event for your organisation. We take the headache out of the planning , programming, implementation and talent provision. From concept to launch we work with you to ensure your unique goals are met and the event is a success.
  • Bespoke Private Events: With feeling great our biggest priority currently, events that help you take time to feel great with your nearest and dearest are becoming more popular. From Hens Parties focused on self-care to Luxury Retreats for singles, couples and significant life events, we can help you create memories.